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Wake boarding in Land O\'Lakes

Aricase - turns your phone to an underwater camera

Skate boading - Aryca Curve Adhesive Mount

Sport fishing - Aryca head strap mount

Parasailing - Aryca Chest Mount Kit

Stand up Paddle boarding - Aryca Surf Mount Kit

Jet Ski - Aryca Bike Mount Kit

Aricase - a very unique waterproof case

Aricase - Rock for all iPads. Waterproof up to 3 feet deep.

Dive with Aricase to 96 feet

You can use your speaker phone in Aricase, just clear as without the case.

Aricases are also sandproof! They are great for beach visitors.

Snokeling with Aryca Waterproof Case

Aryca waterproof iPad Case
Aricase for iPad

Aryca Waterproof Case
Smart Phone everywhere
Be smart anywhere

Aryca Product
Aryca Waterproof Case
create your own aquatic adventure